Truths I’ve Learned


As you grow older and deal with certain situations, you see things more with clarity. Sometimes it is hard to realize certain things, but at the same time it makes you stronger and makes you think about what you really want. Sometimes we lose track of time as if time was infinite. It is not, and this is a big reason why we should spend our time on things that are really important and that hold value in our lives. Here are some truths that I’ve learned:

  1. People won’t care the same way about you the way you care. It can be shocking to learn the way people really care about you. I think sometimes we care too much or we would see us doing so much for people, that we start to believe people would do the same for us. It is best to live without expectation to avoid disappointment.
  2. Not everyone listens to understand. Some people just listen to reply. Whether they have made up their mind about something or they want to move on to a conversation that involves themselves.
  3. Not everyone listens because they care. Some are just curious.
  4. It’s okay to not be strong. When someone is going through a hard time, please don’t tell them to be strong. If someone could, they would be. Certain situations can be overwhelming and it is okay to feel like crap. This is humanity.
  5. It’s okay to be alone. How many people you surround yourself by does not define you. It’s also better to be alone than in company of someone who does not have the best intentions for you.
  6. People will always be there when things are good, but not when things are not. It really sucks, but this is key to know who really deserves your time.
  7. The only person who can put you back in your own feet is yourself. If you want to do better, you’re going to have to want to.

IMG_1818IMG_1886 (1)IMG_1801I think I wrote this because lately I’ve been feeling really exhausted. In a way I wanted to remind myself that I will always have my back. All my previous posts are translated in Spanish, but this felt more like a journal entry.