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July 2017


Santa Barbara #InstaDiary

Carpinteria Bluffs, Santa Barbara Hike

Last week I visited Santa Barbara, a cute beach town two hours away from Los Angeles. Usually when I travel to a place, I do the top touristy things to do. During this getaway, I decided to relax and get more of a local feel of Santa Barbara. One of my favorite things I did was going to the farmer’s market in Downtown on State…

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American Made

fourth of july fashion, los angeles river, los angeles street style

My father immigrated to the United States from Mexico when he was 20 years old and years later did my mother as well after they married. They are both from the same pueblo. I am first generation being born in this country. Spanish was my first language and I was raised predominantly in Mexican culture. However,  I was never taken away from celebrating this country…

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